100% Handmade Leather Gladiator Sandals

A short history of Gladiator Sandals

The Roman Empire had a great military power which caused a huge amount of its enemies’ casualties and took lots of prisoners of war as a result. Those prisoners would be made slaves and some of them would be sold in exchange for great money. The best specimens, especially women, were sent to Rome to got exercise on fighting. After being trained enough, they were sent to arenas to fight and in this way, Rome made lots of money. During this performance of fight, everyone saw gladiators’ leather sandals which were comfortable, flexible and really strong. This time can reach a history like 274 BCE.


Why are they still used and modern?

Because it is very clear that they are extremely resistant to heat, impact and comfortable. That’s why they are still preferred. However, its power, durability depends on how qualified they are. If they are not %100 hand-made leather gladiator sandals, not made from qualified leather; we can not say that your gladiator sandals will please you.


How can you find natural and cheap gladiator sandals?

We are here to help you buy a high-quality genuine %100 handmade leather gladiator sandals and other leather sandals from us working as a professional sandal designer. With various colours from brown, black to natural; from camel sandals to ankle strap sandals; you can buy every qualified sandal models from our website www.bodrumsandals.com

In order not to have feet health problems, we suggest you having a look at our models.

We don’t have any factory, which means all our types of sandals are %100 hand-made and in spite of this high quality, they are really cheap.

In addition to gladiator sandals, you can find flip-flops and ankle models for women and men.

We think that a stylish gladiator sandal seems to be very nice on a delicate body of a woman.

Your preference reflects your quality.

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