Foot Health and Care

foot care and shoe health

Foot Health and Care

For your feet’s health and beauty, it is very necessary to take care of your feet regularly. Everything from moisturizing creams used daily, to routin controls is important.


How can you keep your feet healthy and beautiful?

Per day:

If there is something absolutely important, it is to wash your feet every single day. While having a bath, dab soap with a proper PH value, to your feet including between the toes and heel.

It helps to clear bacteria, sweat and dead skin. It is also a good option to clean dead skin on your skin to get rid of the dead skin on your feet and to make them softer.

Per week:

Your nails should be cut and rubbed in order to keep you comfortable on a regular basis once a week and to protect it from nuisance stings.


Two possible problems you can have on your feet

Ringworm: Fungal(Ringworm) infections can cause symptoms such as whitening between the toes, redness and scaling on the soles of the feet. In summer, it can appear especially in common areas such as a pool. It is absolutely necessary to treat the fungal infections in the nails beforehand.


Callus: Another important problem seen in the foot is calluses. Calluses are bony protrusions or skin thickenings on pressure points. Calluses can be at the feet, on the soles or on the back of the feet. It is beneficial to choose not very

high and wide nose shoes, to apply foot care creams regularly, and to use supporting materials for areas with bony spots.


I am doing these things. Is it enough?

No, it is not. The information above we gave you, doesn’t include external factors. Whatever you do, if you are not using qualified shoes which can protect your feet from impacts, being very sweat; your feet are not in safe indeed. In order to keep them attractive, you should be careful about what your shoes are made of.

We have been designing different types of special sandals for your feet health and beauty. Feet which can’t get fresh air and are under pressure in summer, will have some diseases as soon as possible.

You can enter our website offering very nice black, brown %100 hand made sandals for women and men.

When you do our suggestions above about feet care and health and then buy a pair of high-quality and stylish leather sandal such as camel, greek-style, flat, strap or ankle; your feet’s health is guaranteed.

We are sure that you would like your feet to take place in your summer photos! For that beauty, your feet deserve a cool pair of sandals.

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