Traditional Handmade Bodrum Sandals

Traditional % 100 Handmade Bodrum Sandals

The most prominent shoe fashion of summer is gladiator sandals undoubtedly. Not only in Turkey, the whole world is experiencing a golden age in the ‘gladiators’. After the periods of ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, of course!

When sandals are mentioned in Turkey, Bodrum comes to mind directly. Bodrum sandals are identified with Bodrum and Bodrum sandals are a brand name. These stylish and lightweight shoes, trained by special methods, are now inspired by antique models.


But why are hand-made Bodrum sandals as famous as this?

The answer to this question is very obvious actually. What is not famous even though that has an amazing history? Nothing. If something has a history which is at the deepest points of the humanity, it must be famous.

The humanity doesn’t forget its own history. That’s why Bodrum Sandals are still with us.


How about the first sandals?

It is known that the first sandals produced in ancient Egypt were used only by elite and important people. Priests and senior executives. Among these important figures, there are two important queens, who became the symbol of Cleopatra and Nefertitian Egypt.


Well, what are the differences between original Bodrum sandals and fake ones?

Most of the sandals sold in the market as handmade are prepared in moulds, cut and glued on the machines. In addition to them, their skin is artificial. However, we have been doing everything in order to avoid serving fake and unsuccessful products to you. Our sandals are completely %100 Hand-Made and have the best quality.


With three different colours: Black, natural and brown

You can reflect your nice style to everyone who sees you and while walking on streets of Bodrum, you can be sure that you seem to be perfect.

we have different types of qualified Bodrum sandals for men and women.


Do not forget! We are looking forward to meeting you and having a nice conversation with you.

If you would like to think about our best model of Bodrum sandals, you can find everything at our website.

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