Leather Sandals Models and Prices

Among the shoes that women cannot give up in the summer, there are undoubtedly sandals models. Sandals, which are among the most comfortable products in the summer, continue to be the favorite pieces of women’s wardrobes. As every year, different models meet you at bodrumsandals.com this year as well.

In the sweltering heat of summer, women who do not prefer closed shoes prefer sandals. The models of red sandals, yellow sandals, blue sandals and white sandals that energize with the vitality of summer help us to capture the energy of the day. For those who can not give up the ordinary, brown sandals, taba sandals, beige sandals and black sandals are among the models that are available in the new season. Of course, we have not missed the platinum, silver and gold sandals models that will attract attention with their colors that will make you feel the difference at all times.

Catch the Energy of the Day with Colorful Sandals

Just as the clothes you wear reflect our mood, the shoes that complement our clothes affect our mood as much. Their colorful designs will be very noticeable this year. Multi color sandals designs attract the attention of women who love to be stylish and colorful. Sandals made of genuine leather, with their vivid colors, adapt to many of your outfits.

Leather Sandals Fashion

Leather sandals, which continue their fashion this year, are highly preferred by women. Indispensable for many clothes and beach fashion, genuine leather sandals models meet with you in BOSA.

We specially selected lace and knitting models for you
Lace and knit design models that manage to stand out among many models in the summer season, where fashion is the most talked about, are the favorite pieces of women. Knitted sandals and lace sandals with transparent over them look very elegant on their feet. The sandals produced in both sport style and stylish style fascinate those who see it. Lace and knit sandals models with many color alternatives have been produced with care for you.

Take Elegance to the Top with Heeled Sandals

Heeled models, which are highly preferred in daily wear in summer, leave their traces on sandals. You will leave your signature for the day while making your elegance speak with wedge heel sandals or cork heel sandals that you wear under a flying dress or skirt. Mid-heel sandals and low-heel sandals are also among the models for women who do not want to dress too high.

Flip-flops are now in sandals

Although we first see the flip-flops in slippers, there are now many designs in sandals. It continues to take its place in the new season with different colors and designs in genuine leather and high quality artificial leather products. It is now possible to see them together in BOSA, which does not miss women who like to wear between heels and toes. Sandals made of soft leather between the toes manage to attract the attention of women with their different designs.

Complete Your Summer Outfits with BOSA Bodrum Sandals Models!

Being one of the classic products of the indispensable sandals models of every summer season, the banded models are open toe and the cross-banded products will wrap your feet and offer you comfort all day. For those who do not like to wear open toe, closed-toe sandals are also available. The products in different styles with strap ties or zippers on the back adapt to every age group and every style. Don’t forget to visit bodrumsandals.com now to take a look at different models.

In BOSA, the address of safe shopping, the cheapest and most affordable sandals are at your door with a single wash, and now with special discounts for your online shopping.

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